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Encad-Architectural and Structural technical drawings service and Project management.

We have over fifteen years experience in Architectural and Property development experience-

Our property management team offer new tenant and facilities management.

Our Service :

We are professionally registered with South African Council of Architectural Profession and SANS 10400XA-204 registered.

We offer professional Architectural service in New property designs and Commercial development. Interior design plans for new shop and complexes in mall and office parks.

All our drawings can be done in 3D and 2d for clients convenience and marketing of there property.  Our online service allows faster  completion of drawings and submitting council with digital solutions

3d plans  provides the client and designer advantage in creating better designs and more allowing more details.

2d -New Plans Elevations and Plans for council approval and all construction notes for design specifications as per Regulation.

Council plans submission-Our plans are submitted to council for approval with clients case number for their information.

We offer SANS 10400XA-204 Compliance certificate for approval. Creating a Greener building and Energy efficient house will save electricity and better climate controls.

Our design experience ranges from Concrete design structures and steel frame which has unique finish and building solutions.

We provide our clients a Bill of quantities from our suppliers. All building material ordered from our suppliers will receive a 10-15% Discount.

Nutec-Wooded frame and drywall Design allows for faster and has a much better energy efficiency and protection against the sun and rain.

Light steel frame building design drawings which is popular in Australia and America is slowly taking over the market with much to offer from energy efficiency to fast building solutions.

     Our online service provide drawings to be sent to clients and municipality. All drawings          submitted to council on memory stick and can be tracked by clients through to approval                                                                       of drawings.

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